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Mathieu Spiry — CEO, Comet
Hi Guys!

First of all, a massive thanks to @robjama for the post.

Being here again as we released Comet 2.0 only a few hours ago on the App store and the Play Store is just thrilling!

In less than a year, our user base has grown organically and we have been in touch with our users, A LOT.

They shared interesting though obvious new stuff, mainly about their whole photo experience on mobile :
1. Their phones are completely full of similar / blurry / badly framed photos that are useless
2. Gathering photos after an event is simply impossible as everybody promise...but doesn’t send anything
3. Even with, let’s say, 4367 photos and 143 videos on their phones, they do nothing with them afterwards
AND most of all, managing all that manually is an impossible mission.

So what if an AI could help in all these situations?

Comet is the first smart personal photo assistant on mobile that manages your photos for you and with you, with a full privacy policy.

Comet integrates an AI called « NAVI » which acts like a real assistant and tells you when you can do something with your photos.
NAVI detects the similar / blurry photos and can delete them if you want, so you finally clean your phone.
NAVI detects when you attend an event and create automatically a collaborative album. If NAVI detects there are several persons at your event, NAVI asks you to add members.

NAVI is based on a powerful deep learning model which is improving everyday.
We will be able to add new features soon that will push further the « assistant role » of Navi like dealing the photo gathering for you or making relive your old photos…all that in a simple and design-oriented app.

If you have some ideas, don’t hesitate to shoot them in the comments.

Please let us know what your think! Happy to answer to all your questions.
@mathieuspiry @robjama So is this geared toward Pros, Advance amateurs, or consumers.
Mathieu Spiry — CEO, Comet
@mlsj1 @robjama We built an app geared to anyone who’s ever taken pictures on mobile
& looking to manage easier its photos.
Justin Mabee — Designer. East Nashville. Social Media.
@mathieuspiry @robjama Great UI, I really like the app and what it seeks to do. I keep all my photos in Google Photos, so I'd love to see a Google integration, as I download a lot of wallpapers on my phone and need to separate them out into albums, as well as screenshots and gifs. It would be super helpful with Google Photos.
Robleh Jama — Product @Shopify prev.@Tiny Hearts acq'd
Love the idea of a smarter photo app! I just came back from a trip and took a bunch of photos. I had to delete a lot while digging for the best ones and manually organize them. Glad to see that there's an app for that.
The trend of smarter apps for our smartphones is going to be an interesting one to watch this year.
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