combyne 4.0 - Fashion, Your perfect outfit

Get dressed on your phone. Within seconds. 👗👖

The new combyne makes it quick, easy and fun to combine outfits from your own wardrobe and clothes from your favourite shops. Our new private chat feature let's you plan outfits together with friends in realtime, or have your girlfriend dress you 😉

  • Pros: 

    explore new clothes and trends; chat private to friends; connect with fashion interested people; free stuff on challenges; lots of brands


    more female than man clothes(i assume that will change soon); better filter

    I really like the concept of finding new trends and create new outfits.

    Many friends that work in fashion always seeking for new trends. I have the feeling, that combyne is just right for that. It also helps to find your own style. My girlfriend also likes to chat to the other users.

    I think, that combyne just got into the right market with a very good product. Feel, find and create fashion - pretty cool for people that like to pimp their style :-)

    Robert Širola has used this product for one month.
  • Leopold von Waldthausen
    Leopold von WaldthausenCo Founder @weview

    So easy to use and has serious value in my everyday life


    Focus is very feminine

    Awsome concept, choosing the right clothes takes up time in the morning when I want to get going. Being able to combine my outfits anywhere anytime allows me to know what I want to wear. Honestly there is not that many clothes for men as for women, but there is surely more to come!

    Leopold von Waldthausen has used this product for one month.
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Philipp Seybold
Philipp SeyboldMakerHiring@philippsey · Co-Founder & CEO @ combyne
Hello Product Hunters! 👋🏻 Here at combyne we’ve made it our mission to empower everyone to feel confident in what they wear and have been working our socks off the last few months to bring us a step closer.. outfit chats! Ever been unsure of what to wear for a party, meeting or event? Needed a second opinion on your outfit? We’ve made a quick, easy and fun way to create outfits from your own clothes and clothes from shops in collaboration with your friends. From your wardrobes, create outfits together from scratch, or send them a complete outfit. Your friend can then give you alternative suggestions from what's in your wardrobe, meaning you can always be confident in what you’re wearing. Here’s a summary of what combyne offers: * Swipe to create outfits from a combination of your own wardrobe and shops’ items * Easily add your own clothes to a digital wardrobe * Have private chats with friends to create and plan outfits together * Discover new styles in our community feed We love feedback! Please feel free to comment and let us know any thoughts. Philipp co-founder & CEO
Paul⭐️@paulsavage · Founder, EmailTrainer
I'm probably not the main target market, but I do think that an app like this, tying in a little of image recognition could even be helpful for someone like myself. I think the 80/20 rule applies to my clothes wearing routine, i.e. 80% of the time I wear 20% of my clothes. The app is easy and fun to use. Now I just have to use it more often. How do you guys compare yourselves to Cladwell for Men?
Philipp Seybold
Philipp SeyboldMakerHiring@philippsey · Co-Founder & CEO @ combyne
Thanks @paulsavage appreciate it. We'll definitely work on your suggestion. I fact we'll release a version which allows you to integrate your own clothing within seconds. Yes, image recognition is part of it. If you'd use the app more often we'd be thrilled to get more of our feedback. We aim to save your time PLUS add fun to the little daily question "what to combine". If you feel just confident in your clothes you'll have more focus during the day for the things that really matter. Our goal is to help here. Cladwell for men is a great product, but it's only a shop with a buying assistant. We are a tool for combining (daily usecase). Our research shows that combining on a daily basis must simultaneously involve full freedom in THREE DIMENSIONS to be productive: 1) New clothing from brands 2) Existing clothing from ones wardrobe 3) Instant social feedback, from either intimate friends or community. We fuse ALL THREE dimensions together and try to make it quick, easy and (most importantly) fun. Please keep your thoughts flowing I'm really interested in what you think of my answer! Thx!
Max Czernin
Max Czernin@czerninm
Just had my gf check it out. nice slick usability and fun to use! but there seem to be lot’s of wardrobe plays out there. Have you thought about that and how do you think can you stick out from these?
Philipp Seybold
Philipp SeyboldMakerHiring@philippsey · Co-Founder & CEO @ combyne
Thank you @czerninm for the nice feedback from your girlfriend. It's our mission to make everyone feel confident with clothing. We hope we can deliver this feeling to her. Yes, we gave this a great deal of thought before we startet building combyne. Most importantly I'd like to point out that we're neither a wardrobe play nor an add-on to a shop. The answer to your questions lies in the magic number "3": We are a tool for combining, in the sense of a daily common act. As I mentioned in a reply above, combining requires THREE DIMENSIONS to be helpful: 1) New clothing from brands 2) Existing clothing from ones wardrobe 3) Instant social feedback, from either intimate friends or community. At combyne we fuse ALL THREE DIMENSIONS together. Most of our competitors serve only ONE dimension, few serve ONLY TWO. They aim mostly (not all) for selling or enabling selling, which is a good thing, but another use case then ours. combyne allows any girl or boys to use ten minutes latency time on the bus to combine an outfit, without the need of having any clothes or friends physically near you, without the pain of shooting photos in front of a mirror and send them via messengers. Please let me honestly know what you think of my answer! Thank you again!
Fridunanth Schlaraffenland
Fridunanth Schlaraffenland@fridunanth_schlaraffenland
Makes sense. You can use this to make outfits. You can combine things from across different shops and even with pieces from your own wardrobe that you can upload. You can discuss and share and edit outfits with friends and/or the community to get feedback or get inspiration from others. Playful and creative. There’s also a weekly outfit contest where one can win the piece around which the rest of the outfit must be created.
Philipp Seybold
Philipp SeyboldMakerHiring@philippsey · Co-Founder & CEO @ combyne
@fridunanth_schlaraffenland thank you for this enthusiastic posts :-) Please don't hesitate to tell us what we can improve, this would help us even more. Any criticism from you would mean love to us!
Denys Holovatyi
Denys Holovatyi@d_golovatiy
Nice app, I've been following it for a while. Design, usability are great, I like the way you can create outfits. Just waiting for the male clothes to pick from :)