One app to control all your money across countries and banks

Combine is a mobile application that lets you connect all your bank accounts into one feed and see aggregated statistics, spending insights and regular payments across all your account in multiple countries simultaneously.

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Greetings, hunters. Irakli here, CEO of Combine. Combine is a mobile app that lets you aggregate all your bank accounts from multiple countries simultaneously and use the app as a personal finance manager: – See aggregated balance of all your accounts (in a currency of your choice); – look at the unified transaction history; – get insights on all kinds of statistics: merchant-wise, income/expenses, categories-based; – see all your regular transactions so that you can check if you’re being charged twice on something, or just control your subscriptions; – look for the nearest ATM, no matter what bank you prefer (powered by VISA’s API); – follow exchange rates of the currencies you hold; – add some existing crypto wallets to the pool (powered by ShapeShift’s API). We currently support more than 100 financial institutions in the following countries: Australia, Canada, France, Germany, India, Ireland, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Spain, United Kingdom. We currently do not support banks from the USA 😞 More countries to come soon. We always listen to our users, so every vote of the feedback counts – the main reason to add a bank is that someone’s asked for it. To let you get to know Combine better, we offer Product Hunt users the first month of premium subscription for free. To get it, you’ll need to follow the link ( to the App Store from this page, or from our website (, but PLEASE open it on your iOS-friendly app. Our backlog contains some interesting features, too: – Budgeting (pretty obvious, but we’ll make it a bit smarter) – adding business accounts to make our freelancer friends happier – transfers between accounts (no brainer) – family sharing – investments’ tracking – reminders on almost everything – airline miles and in-game currencies as an expense account – and more… We’ll be happy if you let us know what you think about the app and what is missing from it for you. Me and my co-founder Denis will be here today to answer your questions. Thanks!
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@iraqlee Looks cool! The part about seeing an aggregated balance of all accounts solves a real problem for me.
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@williamtschultz thanks, William – looking forward to have you on board :)
Great app, very useful when you have to connect different banks from your home country and your current employment country banks altogether!
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I've been using Combine for a while now and I really like the fact that I can have a unified banking experience across my 2 banks. Thanks!


The UX is great


Missing Android app

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Can you speak to the security aspect of the app/your company? While sharing financial information, it's critical to know how it is safeguarded and what data you store and where?
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@robinsinghvi Hi, Robin. I'm Denis, CTO of Combine. The security is the first priority for us, we really don't want to become famous like 'the biggest leakage of bank data'. And here is how we handle this issue: 1. To access your transactions and accounts balances we're partnered with Yodlee — one of the most advanced aggregator of banks APIs. With help of asymmetric cryptography, your credentials are encoded in the app and they go directly to Yodlee APIs. Btw, a few years ago they was primary data provider for Mint. 2. We do not store any bank credentials on our backend side. We try to store as less as possible on a backend side — only aggregated data about your transactions (PFM reports, data insights, information about upcoming payments), for the most ML things we do it's enough to have anonymised/hashed values. 3. Thanks to PSD2 in EU / OpenBanking, now we working on direct integrations with banks APIs, so authorisation will work like "Sign-in with Facebook" — you don't share any credentials with us, just grant us read-only access to a subset of your bank's data.
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Android coming or you plan to stay niche ? :)
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@raphchabaud we're planning to go as global as it gets, including both the web/android version and more markets to cover. Can't really speak of the timeline, unfortunately. Android will be there by the end of the year or so.
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Tried the app and loved. Small bug with the currency view. Will report it via chat later today. Out of curiosity, which transaction aggregation service are you using for financial data? Something like Plaid?
@hemanthg4 Hi Hemanth, sorry for the delay with this. We're using Yodlee for aggregation services. And yes, please, do let us know about the currency issue.
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