Easy Content Collaboration Opportunities

The biggest community of content marketeers looking for collaborating with other marketeers for...
🔥Link Exchange
🔥Blog Exchange
🔥Email Newsletter Exchange
🔥Social Media Mention
🔥Co-Author an Ebook
🔥Guests for Podcast or Video
And many more..
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Hey ProductHunters, welcome to the 100% free online community of the content marketeers helping out each others with the content building and distribution with the help of cross marketing and collaborations. Feel free to ask me anything.
So far (I signed up around a week ago) I've connected with 2 different companies for a blog exchange. There's a few bugs I've noticed, but the website is doing what it said it would (connect me with other marketers who want to collaborate).
@kenny_schumacher Thanks Kenny that's great :) We have fixed several bugs, its a growing community so thanks for your valuable feedback :)
A great platform for content building, and the best part is that it cost ZERO.
@muhammad_aamir1 Thanks Amir, I hope you are getting good results in the community.
Great platform - already secured few content partnerships :)
@mrsergei That's nice Sergei Keep it up!
I believe that the idea is great. What would be the monetization component to ensure it keeps running?
@2ejazahmed Not focusing on it right now. The idea is to provide people with value first.