Colour Lovers

Create and share color palettes

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This isn't a new product, technically. It's been around for ages. Still, it's a great design resource!
If you've ever designed digital products, you might have had to play with a lot of colors. There's a lot of great tools and resources out there to help you with your coloring needs, but Colour Lovers is quickly becoming a favorite of mine. I've found a lot of great palettes that brought together a number of different elements more elegantly than I would've pictured otherwise. Great time saver and inspiration maker.
I've used this for years. Really handy when I need color combos that work well and I don't have hours to pick them.
@bubs @aaron_epstein - keen to hear the story behind this? What makes you stand out from others in this space?
@bentossell The story behind it was... 11 years ago, on a cold Pacific Northwest December weekend, I thought... "Wouldn't it be funny if there was like a Hot or Not, but for color?" So I built it that weekend, and then users wanted to make color combinations so I let them make 2-5 color palettes... And now tens of millions of people have made love with color.
@bubs haha nice! love a simple story like that
I have ❤️'d Colour Lovers for years