Colour Hunt

Inspirational color palettes for your next project

Colour Hunt is a community for sharing color palettes and getting inspiration

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I've been struggling to find a good colour scheme for my latest product, this will help give me some inspiration


Beautiful Colour Palettes, exports to all necessary preprocessors, loads to pick from


none at the minute

Jakub Juszczak
Hey Product Hunters! πŸ‘‹ Today I am launching my small color palette community. πŸš€ I was working on the last few months. 🎨 Inspiration Before starting a new project in sketch or directly in code I mostly looking for inspiration in terms of colors. A good color palette defines your product and shapes the design. There are a few alternatives, some curated, some with machine learning, but as a frontend developer the experience was most of the time not that good. It started as a side-project to learn some GraphQL and has grown over the last few weeks 🌱 πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’» Focus I tried to focus on the designer side, for creating color palettes, with a minimal design and nice preview features and on the developer side with CSS and preprocessor code generation. No more copy pasting individual hex values or grabbing them with other tools. πŸ“œ Roadmap There are also a few other features on the road map: - Download color palettes as sketch files and wire them up as symbols - Sketch & Chrome plugins for direct access of your palettes πŸ™ Big thanks To the WIP Community, that kept me productive!