Colortrix is a simple yet addictive color puzzle game

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Gonçalo Henriques
Gonçalo HenriquesMaker@gonelf · Social Media Influencer, Full-Stack Dev
Hello everyone, We made this game for our own enjoyment, hoping that others would find it fun as well. It is so clearly tailor made for ourselves that the detail in every piece of the game was designed so that I, as a colorblind user, could play the game easily. We were inspired by our favourite games, such as FEZ and Tetris. The feedback we’ve been receiving is really exceeding our expectations, with friends asking for the official release and playing their beta builds for hours long. After launching at Festival IN, an innovation and creativity festival, we we're overwhelmed with the amount of people that visited us to play the game and how much they liked it. And we were amazed when Colortrix was compared to Candy Crush and Tetris!