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This kind of seems like Sip pro! (http://apple.co/1BMctrk) If you guys have used sip before, what does this do that sip doesn't?
@cwrichardkim here are a few reasons why we think ColorSnapper 2 is better: * It works with multiple monitors and Spaces * You can switch between apps without leaving the magnifying glass * It has a special Hi-Precision mode to pick "retina" pixels * It delivers accurate color regardless of your display color profile setting (no other color picker app does AFAIK) * It also can be used as a preview tool (for designers) allowing capturing the zoomed area as an image to clipboard * It is much more faster, also gestures work much smoother. * Photoshop and Illustrator integration is also more seamless: if you have it installed, you'll just get another "export" option, instead of memorizing complex shortcuts for each app. If you don't own PS or AI, you will not ever notice it. We think if you give it a try, you will notice the difference between those 2 products. You can download a free 7 day trial from http://colorsnapper.com
@okonetchnikov ETA on Palletes?
@cprins_ @cwrichardkim we evaluated palettes but decided to do a much simpler favorites solution. We think it should suffice for most of the users.
The original version of ColorSnapper, released in early 2011, was born after trying to find out colors and copy them into CSS using DigitalColor Meter from Apple. After struggeling with this task, we came up with the initial idea of ColorSnapper. A few months later, the first version hit the Mac App Store. But we always wanted to make the experience for developers & designers who work with colors even better. Therefore after some feedback from our users (Thank you!) and discussions, we decided to start working on version 2. We put a lot of thought and love into this version, which led to a complete rewrite of the application. ColorSnapper has a shiny new icon, new User Interface but most importantly, it is better and faster at its task! You can read more about the new version on http://colorsnapper.com
@okonetchnikov Been using the original version since forever, looking forward to try the new one!
@vesln thanks! So, did you get a chance to try it out? What do you think?
@okonetchnikov Still not yet, but really looking forward to