Colors Coder

Manage colors & generate code for any Swift based project.

Colors Coder is a macOS app that lets developers and designers create and manage color libraries for their projects, and then generate Swift code that integrates perfectly.

+ UIColor/NSColor code

+ Many ways to create colors

+ Sketch Plugin to export from Sketch

+ Simple & Effective UI

+ Import-Export JSON & Plist

+ Export to macOS color palettes

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Gabriel Theodoropoulos
A fellow iOS & macOS Swift developer
Hello Product Hunters, I’m Gabriel, the creator of Colors Coder app. I’m really happy that I eventually share it here with you, as it’s the first macOS app that finally gets out of my drawer! Colors Coder was born based on my needs as a developer to find an once-and-for-all solution to handle colors and color managers in my Swift based projects. With every new project I was making, I had to come up with a different approach that would fit to the app’s needs, and that was a real waste of time, boring, and anti-productive. Now, Colors Coder generated code actually “embeds” into UIColor & NSColor classes, therefore using it is so natural and straightforward, and it has nothing to do with a project-dependent solution. It can be used on any Swift based project. Colors Coder is also a color collection manager, with lots of options to add or create colors, move or copy colors among collections and documents, export or backup colors and collections in various formats (such as JSON or Property Lists), share with others, and more. One cool thing is that along with the Colors Coder app, I also provide a Sketch plugin. That plugin can be used to export entire color libraries from Sketch app, import them to Colors Coder, and get generated code pretty fast. Colors Coder can also be used to generate macOS color palettes that can be opened through the Colors panel on any app. That makes it easy to use colors in Interface Builder too. I really hope that everybody interested in Colors Coder will find it a handy tool! And if you like this app, there are more that are about to come soon. Thanks guys in advance for any feedback! I hope you enjoy it! 😃