Build a color palette seamlessly

Colors is an app Mat made to ensure he never ran out of new color palettes for his huge list of projects! The coolest part is how you can move from one color to another seamlessly, they all feel connected!
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Mat is a 14 year old student developer who is super active on - where he builds and shares his side projects with the community! I wanted to show all of you one of his most popular apps, I've been finding myself use it a lot for the last few weeks! There are so many color picker apps out there, but none which let you see the real relation between colors and move through them easily 🎨 Since this was built and is hosted on @replit - you can view the source, and play around with the app yourself at You should totally check it out, and let @matdoesdev know what you think! P.S: You're gonna be seeing a lot more launches from brilliant young developers from @replit on Producthunt soon - we're going to feature a new app every week πŸ—“οΈ
@replit @matdoesdev @jajoosam oh I just now saw that the dev is 14yrs old! good work mate, you can make it a leading product with some simple ideas and GUI changes. I'm happy to send you some recommendations / feedback if you like
@replit @jajoosam @erin_ben Please send suggestions :)
@replit @jajoosam @matdoesdev ok cool, I'm usually been paid lots of money for such tips so lets see what you would get from some free help :-) As a start, I would add navigation to your page. Even a simple one. You can use a boostrap template its easy Think of who is your target audience and reshape the homepage / funnel / navigation for them. I assume they are developers and designers right? You need to think, why they coming to your site and what they get out of it. I suppose developers / designers already have a clue which colour they plan to use (this is an outcome of the brand identity) but they need palettes. So I would put some basic colours (blue, green, yellow, red, purple etc) so start with. I would do that choice from a graphical image or a colourful pie chart Add some basic help / tooltips / short video tutorial / teaser Add some landing page / funnel "hero" statement (instead of the "colors" title) like "Get colour pallets delivered in one click" and below "Get ideas for new colours which fit perfectly with your brand" and then a call to action: "start with your color brand" Good luck PS - I was younger than you when I made my first $ from computer dev
This is wonderful! I was looking for this exact kind of app to come up with color palettes for my drawings. Not sure if that's the intended use, but the app is great for artists.

I've been using it for many of my side projects, and it's so much easier to pick colors πŸ–ŒοΈ


The fact that all colors are connected to each other, and you can vary each property!


It'd be cool to be able to make a collection of colors

Pros: simple to use, nice GUI Cons: a back buttons could be helpful! Also an initial choice of color from a basic color pallet
very aesthetic I like it