🎨 A color picker for people who live in their text editor

.colors() allows you to paste any code you like to quickly figure out the color palette that's hidden in it. Whether it be CSS, JS, or whatever else. As long as there's a CSS-compatible color in there, the tool will gather it for you.

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πŸ‘‹ Hi everyone! As part of my ongoing effort to build a service generating πŸ’° 50$ MRR in 2018, I made a tool to scratch my own itch (that's a first!) - .colors is a color picker that helps you get an overview πŸ‘€ over the colors in an array and allows you to sort them according to your needs. You can read about the build process here: http://www.blechi.at/my-personal... Hope you enjoy it and I'm happy to receive feedback and feature ideas. @csallen already provided the wonderful idea of picking colors out of pasted CSS code, which will follow shortly!
Useful, but not yet so pretty. Following along on the blog though, because you seem interesting, Richard. Good luck!
Please, fix the UIX it hurts. Good enough for an initial coding effort but it fails miserably in the UIX design and usability. It doesn’t make it to a MVP yet. Sorry for being so blunt.
Hi Alfonso! Sorry you didn't enjoy the tool as it stands. Being blunt isn't necessarily bad. I just have a question: Are there any particular areas that you think need improvement? What could I do better? I fully admit to being a code monkey, so design isn't my strong suit. Any feedback in that area is appreciated. πŸ€”