Neural Network to colorize grayscale images

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Cool. I want to use this for something but have no idea what for :)
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a team at 5C Hackathon did something similar to colorize entire movies
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@nealrs wow , that is so cool.
Just cloned the repo ! This is pretty impressive ! Well done
It's worth noting that there are lot's of other similar neural nets. (Like this one from UC Berkeley). Here's the Hacker News discussion about Colornet.
@tomfme that is pretty cool, almost a dream-like effect
This look interesting, but it could benefit from a bit of documentation on how to install and run it.
@frassmith Written in Python. Could use it in your Python apps or with something like the Django framework.
@deronsizemore Exactly. It's a bit misleading to see it on Product Hunt. At best, it would appear to be a library that somebody might use to create a product. Even then, the dearth of documentation on how to use, even in your own app, is very off putting.
@frassmith I agree. Seems weird that it's received so many upvotes here. It's definitely cool, but it's not someone your average person can just open and use without Python knowledge.
@deronsizemore Totally agree. but how many of those up voters have installed and used it? I'd guess, very few. I am a developer, have been for over 30 years. One thing I've learned is that life's too short to spend deciphering someone else's code to get something running. All I'm saying is that a bit of documentation wouldn't go amiss. And by documentation, I don't mean a bunch of examples showing how good it is for those in the know. Somebody linked to an alternative that does the same thing, but, perhaps better. Go look at that Github page. There you'll find links to a huge screed of documentation detailing exactly how to install and use the code on multiple platforms. If you want to call something a 'product' then you really need to make the effort and give the people the tools to use it as such. Otherwise it's just an obscure library for dedicated geeks.
@frassmith Agree completely. I'll check out that alternative. Hadn't seen it yet.