Find perfect palettes from great pictures.

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ColorKitty is a handy tool to help you generate perfect palettes from images.
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Hey Hunters, As one saying goes, perfect palettes are resting in the great pictures. That is why I built this tool, to help you find them. It allows you pick any color from the image, arrange them, check the shades or accessibility of them and so on. If you are satisfied with the final palette, then you can share it by twitter or export it to different formats. Looking forward to hear your thoughts 😊.
Christopher Lee
Christopher Lee@christopher_lee4
What's the use case for it? Aka in what situation would I use it for what purpose? I like the design of the site though.
@christopher_lee4 The main purpose for this site is to help extract colors from image. I think this can be quite helpful for designers.
Rishabh Aggarwal
Rishabh Aggarwal@rishabh_aggarwal
I am pretty confused on what to do when I first enter the website. The camera button is hidden and doesn't seem actionable. I think the "Upload Image" Button should be big and more prominent since that the main feature. The palette from image does work pretty well though! Would love the option to one click to copy the color code if you click on the swatches as well
@rishabh_aggarwal Thank you for the kind advices.