Colorize It

Use deep learning to colorize black and white photos

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Matt Kiser
Founder – WTF Just Happened Today
Hey PH, we created a solution for hosting and distributing trained deep learning models on using GPUs in the cloud. This is a demo showing how easy it is to use state of the art machine intelligence. If you're curious, learn more about it here
Interesting platform Matt. Obvious applications in education, research, prototyping and proof-of-concept...
Zac Nielson
Founder & Creative Director
Great demo. I love seeing AI/ML and deep learning do such cool things that everyone can enjoy and take advantage of. It exposes skeptics to see the cool things machine intelligence can do in a way that's interesting to use! Nice work!
so so cool! great demo!
James TaylorTech Manager @Cambridge University Press
Demo looks very impressive, but through a few tests I noticed a yellow/blue bias when applying the end result on images that it (might) not be too familiar with... Anywho, the idea behind the business and what it offers is amazing! Well done for pulling so many complicated strands together and then offering the power of such systems via REST API. Mind blowing!
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