Curated color combinations for inspiration

A small website to showcase beautiful color combinations in one place.
Free to use for your next project. Based on "Colors of the Week" inspiration series published on Ales Nesetril's Instagram. Read the background story -
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I am not color guy. Everytime I see next "Color combinations" site I say "meeeh I still don't know how to use it". Here it's perfect - you have max 3 colors and it's super simple. Thanks!
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@ariel_jedrzejczak Hey Ariel! I have even tried to share examples of color usage in a mobile app and website (just rough version). Some people liked it, so I may consider adding this to the site later. Preview -
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@alesnesetril Example are always welcomed. That's good idea.

I've been following Ales for a while now on Instagram, always used to screenshot the color combinations for the week and had an album on my phone. This just changed the game!


- Click to copy - Color combos actually work together - Free (Would still credit where possible)


Couldn't find anything

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Give us RGB please :)
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@robert_finegold Good point Robert!
Checking these colors on @alesnesetril Instagram for a long time now. Having them in one place and easy to copy is handy AF :) Díky Aleši!
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@alesnesetril, my congratulations with the launching! Colorinspire is sooo nice, I really like your color combinations! I'd love to see it in my Awesome Design Tools list, it can give you additional users & traffic:
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@valiahavruliyk Looks great! How do I sign up?
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@alesnesetril you can create pull request on the GitHub and I'll merge it. Or if you want I can add your tool by myself :)