Coloring Book by Pikazo

Make any photo an adult coloring page

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1997: "I want you to draw me like one of your french girls" 2016: "I want you to make me into an adult colouring book" πŸ€”
Great idea. The market is pretty saturated with AI based filtering apps. It's nice to see one of the originals innovating again.
@frassmith Thanks Fraser - and there's lots of unique innovation in our main app as well.
@nrose But, sadly, the the competition is so much faster too. Pikazo was good but Prisma and Style blew it away in performance. I tried this, but it took so long, I gave up.
@frassmith are they the same to you, tho? If you want the app to choose the style and only want a lo res file, please use those apps. If you want to go to an art museum, see a beautiful work, become inspired, and create a whole new work that never existed and could never be anticipated, how long should that take?
@nrose that's sweet. Thought about letting people queue multiple pics, let them buy a printed coloring book with the click of a button?
@m_obretenov thanks Martin! Great idea!
Smart "pivot" from the original Pikazo 2.0 photo-editing app.
@rrhoover Thanks Ryan! yes there are many many applications yet to be uncovered beyond simply styling a selfie.
This is awesome πŸŽ¨πŸ’―πŸ’«
@nivo0o0 thank you NIv! I think there's a fluffy dog out there waiting to become a coloring page :)
Great idea, i like adult coloring books and it is so cool when you can make any of your photos into coloring pages! πŸ“·βž‘πŸ““βœβ›°
@appsapp Thanks Dario. You won't run out of pages until your camera roll runs out of pictures!