The simple, customizable, tiny javascript color extractor

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So, a few month ago, I was looking for a similar product, a script or a client-side system that would allows me to manipulates colors from images, written in JS ( yeah because not everyone knows python, ruby or such backend technologies that allows you to process your images on the server ), but I never found it ! During my searches, I discovered "" which was the thing I was looking for ! But unfortunately, it was written in python, and I never get the Javascript port to work.. That's how my frustration started to grow. So I thought I could provide an elegant solution, or at least, a beginning of a solution. And that's how Colorify.js was born ! So do not hesitate to fork it, to use it and to provide feedback !
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@lukyvj scratching your own itch? I like it :) The best products are made in that way
@lukyvj tell us why you made this :) What pain point did you come across that made you want to solve it?
Looks great! You should check as well since its javascript and solves same issue. BTW, I have a similar sideproject :-)
@betzerra Thanks ! I have to say I discovered yours this morning ! It's rad as well ! Also, I think your code is probably more "correct" and well written!
@lukyvj color thief is not mine. I just took a look at that code to make PicAnalyzer and then, after some research, I ended using this ObjC library Congrats again on your project :-)
Hello Luky! ahah cool plug once again !
Do you have npm package or only bower version?