Create and trade pixel glyphs with your friends

Colorglyph is a pixel glyph creation and trading game built on the Stellar network.

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Pixel glyphs, there’s just something about them we love. Harkening back to simpler days and all that adolescent wasted time. This is now though, fast pace, go go go, high res and in your face. I don’t hate it most days, but at times it does leave me reminiscing about my childhood. Enter Colorglyph. An experimental weekend hack turned into a Stellar Build Challenge entry turned into a full blown side project. The concept is simple, create and trade pixel glyphs with your friends. It’s a slow pace, low stress game carefully designed to be an entertaining blend between trading cards and retro games. For most people that’s all they need to know, aside from the in depth instructions I’ve scribbled up. However for the rest of us nerds and geeks Colorglyph is an interesting experiment in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space, specifically the Stellar Network. I’ve written about the technical details in depth over here so I’ll spare you the scroll time. Suffice it to say as you create and trade pixel glyphs you’re moving around 100% real and 100% worthless cryptocurrencies. Wow! Give it a go and be sure to share your greatest pieces so I can steal… er, I mean trade for them!
@tyvdh For some reason I'm getting a 502 error on Chrome and Safari, please could you check? Thx
@abadesi Grr. Fixed. Thanks for alerting me.
@tyvdh Awesome project, thanks for hunting 😄
@tyvdh Love the concept and I'm slowly getting addicted. I received an email saying that a referral signed up and I received extra colors. I haven't seen anything extra in my color palettes though. I'm jason on Colorglyph. Thanks!
@mikaelpittam Hey Jason! Thanks for signing up and for referring some folks ❤️ When a referral signs up you receive an additional 32 each of 32 colors. These are added to your account's color count so it's very likely you won't really notice much difference. There are 256 different possible colors and when your account was initially created you received 64 each of 128 of them. In the future I'm hoping to add some clarity to the UI to point out exactly what you won and how much of it but I'm 99% sure the referral rewards are working, it's just a bit hard to know it's working from your end. I've gone ahead and gifted your account a few bonus colors for the confusion. Thanks again for joining and be sure to reach out with any further feedback or concerns.

I think it's a really good concept which could work perfectly with adjustments on user flows and new features for advanced gaming / trade. I am 2nd on the leaderboard !


It's a great game based on creativity and trade. The user is both creator and trader. It become really addictive very fast. Endless gameplay


You can't refuse a trade, you can just ignore it. And i regret there is no next features planned for the game.

I love the concept! This simply looks amazing :D