Color a website by dragging and dropping

#4 Product of the DayJanuary 02, 2016

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I love this! I only wish I had more control over the colors in the palette, maybe an option to create your own?
@wisj26 sure, will add in next release. Glad you liked :)
@apoorv_saxena what prompted you to make this?
@katesegrin At times, while meeting with clients or when discussing things with designers, one intends to make changes as per suggestions and take feedback. Browser developer tools allow you to make changes easily and get instant feedback, though using the same is not possible for everyone with exception of developers. I came across the drag and drop coloring concept in an example of Codrops, and wondered why not extend this functionality as a product, so that anyone and everyone can make color changes to any website by simple drag and drop. As per the feedback that I've received, designers and product managers are loving it the most and are making the most use of Colordrop, especially in meeting with clients and in design discussion meetings involving designers, product managers and stakeholders, where instant feedback is very much appreciated and avoids wastage of time (spent otherwise in adjusting existing designs followed by re-sharing and consequent discussions if not suited well). Happy that many others will now be able to save time and ease their work :)
The source of this idea, or at least it seems so. I've seen this in codrops quite some time ago.
@cedriking Yes, it is inspired from the Codrops article and example as mentioned in the story above.