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Tobias van Schneider
Tobias van SchneiderMaker@vanschneider · Designer & Maker
Hey friends! ColorClaim is my personal resource for color inspiration I use for all my projects since many years now🤘🏼 Because I use it myself for so long and it's such a simple resource, I figured I just share it with you as well in case you find it useful. PS: There is not much functionality on purpose since it's pretty much made for the way I work on new projects. I usually just copy/paste images into a Photoshop file to create a color mood board before I get started. One thing I added to the website though is the Adobe Cloud color palette, which means, you can save all colors with one click to your Adobe products, or even subscribe and get new colors straight into your programs whenever I add some. Enjoy it! Tobias
Lashan Dias
Lashan Dias@lashandias · Co-Founder @ SOLIDHAUS
@vanschneider Love it. Totally reminds me of the color combos used for Spotify's branding ;)
Belle Balace
Belle Balace@bellebalace · On the lookout for new apps and books
@vanschneider love this!
Sam Thorne
Sam Thorne@hackneyedsam · Lead Designer @ Spotify
@vanschneider Flat images? No selectable hex?! ;)
I remember using it a lot back in the day, when it was hosted on Tumblr.