Color Tap

A mobile color matching game

There's some great gameplay ideas in this simple mobile app. I also think it's pretty cool that it was made by a father and 11 year old son team. (more here ) Hey @timt3r how long did it take you to make this? (note that Tim's dad wrote to tell me he's in school and they wisely don't allow the kids to use devices during the day - so it may take him a while to respond!)
@tarikh love the father/son combo
@tarikh Thanks! Tim had the idea around the start of the summer and we spent some time digging into ideas for games we thought we could build (I wrote a bit about that here -> ). Once we settled on this basic game, it took us a couple of months to actually put together (and a large part of the delay was in building the 'challenges' stuff because it meant having to teach him a lot about asynchronous communication and involving a web service in the middle (all of which *really* helped me to convince him to scale down the initial requirements before we could release something). The big things we ended up cutting (mostly because they were going to be too involved to include in a v1 given his current abilities): 1. in-app purchases, 2. push notifications, 3. Social account create/sync & sharing Hopefully we'll get to those in future updates (and we are also already white-boarding a few new versions we hope to get to some day soon) ;-)
@falicon @tarikh Hey Kevin, you're an awesome Dad! As a learning exercise, Tim is getting a thorough immersion in everything it takes to make a product - incredible and much deeper than just learning code! As a game, I think you've got all (maybe too many) of the features you need. Just my 2c, but I'd actually focus on trying to find an eager designer to help come up with delightful graphics and animations and sound effects to make the game sing.
@tarikh Ah design...the BANE of my existence (so far both my kids share that weakness as well)...great advice though (will pass it on for sure). Thanks again! ;-)
@tarikh Thanks! At the beginning of summer 2015 I started to want an I phone. I went to my dad, and asked him to help me build and app. I came up with the idea of color tap. the original idea was timed boards, but once we started making the app we started to make more game modes. Because of these new game modes that we made, it made programming a little bit harder, and it took longer to build. Because of the four different game modes, and our goal to release the app before October 29 2015 we did a little programming everyday. Even with programming the app every day the app took around three months.