Color Tab

Beautiful color palettes with every new tab!

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Will there be a Safari version as well? :)
@jenssegers Of course!
@galgalshir is this still in the works? Would you be up for someone else taking this on?
it would be nice to be able to quickly save a palette without having to click through the website to find it
@galgalshir - what compelled you to create this extension :) There are many ways to get colour inspiration these days, so why color tab?
@bentossell Yes, :) color inspiration can be found in many ways. Color Tab serves an instant curated palette in a simple "daily" action such as the new tab function. Color Tab was created to let people explore beautiful palettes in a fast way. And also, to fill up the empty new tab screen with some refreshing colors which can evoke creativity.
Color Tab is a refreshing Chrome extension by Color Hunt that serves you a beautiful color palette each time you open a new tab. Your screen will be filled by a random palette, pulled from the top popular palettes of Color Hunt's collection.
I love this. How do you feel about letting us save favorites? It's simple and perfect. :)
@rometty_ Thanks! :) You can go to Color Hunt's homepage and click the "Like" button on any palette you want.