Color System Plugin for Sketch

Light and dark mode directly in your design with one click

#5 Product of the DaySeptember 09, 2019
With the Color System Plugin, setting up a color system is quick and easy. The plugin are lightweight and integrates with your Document Colors in Sketch, so you don't have to change your way of working.
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Hi everyone! :) I built this, and here's why: We all know that both Apple and Google are pushing Dark Modes in their newest OS's. Users will expect our product to support Dark Mode. This is an issue for several reasons: 1) Existing products are most likely not prepared for this, so it will be a lot of work to include the Dark Mode. 2) Working consistently with colors in todays design tools is not easy. Figma is almost there, but Sketch certainly is not. (I know nothing about XD, sorry) 3) Designing a product with different color modes often require designers to create duplicate styles or components. The funny thing is. The logic for switching colors are actually quite simple for developers. So I thought – why not build a plugin? It can't be that hard. Turns out it's way more tricky than I expected. But not impossible. So here we are. The Color System plugin for Sketch, is the plugin to quickly create a secondary color scheme for your product, and switch between the color modes almost instantly, as much as you want, while you are designing. I hope it will help designers save time, and to be more consistent with their colors. I certainly learned a lot building it, and have so many ideas for new features and enhancements! Enjoy!
@sclausen_dk Hey Søren, thanks for this awesome plugin. Unfortunately it doesn't work with massive color lists. In my case I have 5 colors with 10 tones in my palette an there isn't a scroll function so I can only see 37 colors in my case. A scroll view would be fantastic.
@psch996 Thank you :) I will look into this asap!
Thank you for that man!
@vladkorobov You're welcome! Let me know if you experience any bugs or have feature requests :) You can find me in Twitter!
Thanks for the plugin it's very useful, do you plan to use layer style in sketch instead to create manually another swatch in the plugin ?
@denis_rda My pleasure. No I do not plan to use styles. The reason being that styles links fills, borders, shadows and other styles. Colors are way more flexible when it doesn't matter where they are used. But I will look into it :) I might add it as an option, to save colors as styles. Thank you for the suggestion :)
Is this coming on Figma?
@yash I'm looking into it. Figma's plugin API is very new and doesn't seem to support access to the color palette. But when it does, the plugin will actually work even better than the Sketch version, because of the Global Colors feature in Figma :)
@sclausen_dk Exactly why I was excited about this. Good luck mate, great work
great founder story.