Color Shooter

Drench your friends in glamourous, bright colors

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@joshdance Cool game for Wii U. I wish to see it earlier :) But our product for mobile! It's much different and simpler. More casual. We have Face mapping of real persons. It's a killer feature! :)
At first this seems like a tribute to Goldeneye's paintball mode, but it's much more. Combining 3D liquid physics with real-life faces and facial recognition for your avatars, there's some interesting tech here.
Hey everyone ! I am very grateful that our game was featured today. Thank you Tristan Pollock @writerpollock ! I would like to tell you about Color Shooter. We are working on the technology that will change mobile games. All the characters will be avatars of real people in 2 years. Particularly with the exact identity of individuals. Only for readers Product Hunt we suggest to make sure of this technology. Also you will be able to make sure the gender-based identification is an integral part of our technology. We created two groundbreaking technologies: 1. Opponents are rendered with the help of real facial recognition from social networks. We'll take a picture of face from a social network and put it onto a 3d model of cartoon character! 2. We’ve been able to create the first 3D liquid physics simulation never seen before on mobile devices. You can send us your photo and we will put it on the cartoon hero of our game! Let us know what you think, we are here to answer any and every question.
Love the idea!