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Generate your always aspiring color scheme

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The preview toggle generates a Material Design preview and needs some further refinement. I'd expect a single preview of the current palette rather than multiple previews. Also I'd like it without the homepage, because I came to use your app. Good job so far.
@armi2n Yea, right now preview has a bare minimum MD layout, will improve it surely to smartly show the exact number of elements as the #colors in a palette.
Generate always aspiring Color Schemes by simply hitting spacebar (on desktop) or swiping (on mobile). Below are some key features (apart from other interesting ones) which make it totally different. 1. Get colors within a specific RGB range (my personal favorite) 2. Add / Remove Strips on the fly 3. Gradient Mode (my personal favorite in combination with Disco mode) 4. Num Keys binding 5. Random color quote with each new palette generation This product idea came and built during the AngularAttack Angular2 Hackathon and was updated with more features and fixes later on. Check out the entry: Hope to see it serving a good purpose and letting people, not just the Designers but anyone who loves playing with colors, falling in love with it :) Any suggestions, comments, or feature requests are highly welcome.
@s0ftvar Like but with some additional clever features. Job well done :) I'll use it next time I need a new color palette generator.
@s0ftvar You might want to consider changing up the preview image to a GIF. I tried several times to use the "product" on the homepage thinking what ended up being an image was the actual generator. Other than that it is really cool, I like the preview and gradient!
@enricocerroni Thanks Enrico. Yea, is what I personally use, but I found something lacking which I try to incorporate into this. Hope you'll find this tool of some use :)
Awesome. I've been waiting for an app like this that will allow me to add as many colors to a pallet as I need! Thanks.
@yankeyhotel Glad you like it :)
Don't want to be 'that guy', but are you sure you mean "aspiring"? Love the concept. Just not sure about the copy :D
@matt_aunger Ha ha, aspiring came to my mind at that moment, so it fits. Which copy are you referring ? :D
@s0ftvar Only the word "aspiring" XD It's ok though. I tend to fixate! As long as it's right for you, it's no big deal.
Ok, the dumb kid asks: Is this just for reference purposes? Do I then have to make picks within the program I'm using? How does this interface?
@wrytre Yea, currently just generate the color palette and pick the colors and drop them wherever required. There's no support for exporting right now.