Color Me Book

Turn your photos into a coloring book

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Still can't get my head around the whole 'adult colouring book' thing 🤔
@bentossell Give it a try, you might be surprised at what a great relaxation technique it can be
@bentossell Because it's accessible. Telling someone to color a landscape is accessible, and not intimidating. Telling someone to draw and color a landscape with no help is stressful and intimidating. Anyone can color. Not everyone is an artist and not everyone believes they have the ability to be an artist. Coloring books are a helpful aid which allow people to produce good looking pieces of art that look good and that they will feel proud of. And aside from the final product, the real benefits of adult coloring books comes from the process itself. It's stress-relieving and therapeutic. It calms the mind. It's easy to get lost in a coloring session and that is the whole point! :)
@metalhaze @bentossell It's a good way to empty your brain and easier to do than yoga. Used to do it years ago. They're similar to Feel like they should combine.
I was trying to make a coloring book for a friend awhile ago and it was more work than I thought. Wish I had known about this service!
@nayafia How did you end up making it?
@kevinakwok I didn't. 😳 I'm a bad friend!
+1 would use on an airplane
Awesome idea as a birthday present for friend or gf/bf. Ability to "color" best moments of your life together. ❤️👌🏼
Looks great but damn expensive!