Color Match by CleverPet

The first logic puzzle that shows dogs and cats seeing color

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Chris Messina
#1 Product Hunter! 🏆
So, turns out pets are actually super smart, but if we don't expect much from them, they don't get too many options to show us...! Built by dog loving neuroscientists, the CleverPet Hub is the world's first game console for dogs that gives your pup something to do all day while you're away. They'll burn off some serious mental energy so that they're a joy to be around when you're home. On 7/25 we are releasing a new game for the Hub called Color Match. During the first nine challenges, dogs worked to solve problems that only had one correct answer. Before, the press of a touchpad was either correct or incorrect. Now, dogs are given more creative autonomy over how they solve the puzzles. Color Match is comprised of two challenges: Matching Two Colors, and Matching More Colors. In Matching Two Colors, dogs will be introduced to blue and yellow touchpads, where they’ll need to come up with a strategy to get all three the same color. Each press of a touchpad changes its color, where the pup will need to choose which color to match. And here’s the kicker: as dogs get better at Color Match, they’ll need to solve the puzzle in an increasingly shorter number of steps. In Matching More Colors, the challenge gets trickier with an additional color thrown into the mix.
Leo Trottier
CEO & founder, CleverPet
@chrismessina Thanks Chris! Hey all, super happy to see our Color Match game hunted! Up until now, the CleverPet Hub’s challenges have been designed around teaching dogs to use an unfamiliar interface. This training takes time because, try as we might, dogs seem to have significant trouble following even the simplest instructions ... All kidding aside, though, since launching CleverPet our goal has been to show that dogs and cats have rich mental lives deserving of mental stimulation and engagement during the day. With CleverPet we’ve wanted to demonstrate animals making decisions, solving problems, and revealing the ways they think about the world. If you have a dog or cat at home, chances are you’ve wondered what’s “going on in their head”. We believe a powerful way to find out is by observing animals as they solve different puzzles. So our intent with Color Match was to come up with a game that would accommodate a range of different kinds of play, just as human games do. Up until Color Match, the Hub’s challenges have been designed to teach dogs to touch one particular touchpad at a time. By allowing animals to express their choices we get a chance to observe more complex decision-making than when the only options available are correct or incorrect. This gives pet parents another glimpse into how their dog's mind works. Excited to hear any questions you all have!