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@koya_io · I made some colour thing
I still have plans for this site, in a little while there will be a back-end implemented and you will be able to create private palettes for easy C&P and conversions; I'm currently in exam season for the next 6 weeks so no work will be done on this but expect the changed before the end of July.
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Piero Borgo
@pieroborgo · CCO & Co-Founder, Leevia
Very nice but I'm not entirely sure this is a "product"
@hckmstrrahul · Product Designer
The colors are beautiful. Hope we can see more themes & generator stuffs.
M. Viktorovitch
@creativitygo · Designer
Flat design is still relevant ;)
Enes Emini
@eminienes · Developer, Emini Arts
Would be fantastic if you could create own "profiles", where you can add your own colors. Like a "mini styleguide". For Design and Development I often like to create a simple page where I can copy the colors or the sass color-variables from. But that takes like 2 hours or so, because I end up rewriting it everytime. A tool for that would be awesome.
Bill Lewis
@workstationw · Founder--Instant Office
Nice minimalist tool for colors you know will work together---no overpowered by choices