Color Collect

A color app for every one.

Color Collect is a color picker for the real world. When you pick colors through your camera, you can manually adjust the circles for your ideal shades. As long as you can see the colors, the app captures them for you.
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Discovered this while looking for some palette inspiration.
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@prajwalrao Hope you enjoyed the app so far! πŸ™
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Very cool app, wonderful website, too!
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Just downloaded this on my S9, the whole app is not in English. Some sections are and other sections are in another language.
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@alainpascalr Sorry about that! The app supports American English and Canadian English. We noticed it is an issue for our Android one. The app supposed to use English as your default language. It seems that our app doesn't recognize your device language. We will release a new update to fix for you.
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@carso It was updated. Everything is good now. So far I am enjoying the app. I have one suggestion though, it would be really cool if I could pick a single color and not just a palette. Maybe allowing me to focus on a specific item and it would give me the color code of it. :)
@alainpascalr Glad to know it works πŸ‘ That's an interesting feature. I will discuss it with my partner and consider adding it. To better understand it, would you mind sharing more details on your use case? For example, how the single color picker could help you? Thank you in advance. :)
@carso Well, I am a front-end developer. Sometimes I find my self wanting to know the color code of a specific area on a picture. If I inspect the web page, it doesn't always give it to me. If I use your app as it is right now, I do not have control over the little circles that it uses to get the color code. But if I was able to do that, then I could just drag the circle to a specific area and it would give me the color code of it. I don't know if that is clear enough of an explanation?
@alainpascalr It makes perfect sense to me. Thank you for sharing the details!
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Hey PH, Carson from the Color Collect team here. That's was a surprise to see my first project in PH. Woohoo πŸŽ‰. Thank you, Prajwal. Color Collect is a new color app that lets you inspired from colors in your life. We also added over 500 palettes for you to explore. We are on iOS and Android platforms. A couple of pro tips: - You can press to lock a color picker when random others - We have color harmony recommendations in the palette, including complementary and analogous colors. - When editing a color, you can select a random range based on color tones and luminosity. πŸ™ We'd love to get some feedback, and I'm happy to answer questions!