Color by Fardos

A chrome extension to pick, save & create colors/gradients

#5 Product of the DayNovember 11, 2018

Color is a smart color tool for Google Chrome that allows you to pick colors from websites, save your favorite colors & gradients, get matching shades and tints and create beautiful gradients. Color has built in color calculation that gives you different shades, tints, complementary and other combinations for any color.

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What does everything think of this google chrome extension? If you have any ideas on improvements, comment below. Thanks!
@fardos the registration page is broken + can you outline what are the benefits of having an account? Thanks!
@lebaux Hey, Broken as in you can't load the page at or you cannot submit your information. Having an account allows you to save your details on the server so if you ever need your colors, gradients on any chrome browser, it will be there when you log in. It will also be a essential for our next Chrome Extension release.
@lebaux Just an update, all bugs have been fixed and signup is fully operational.
@fardos thanks the signup seems to be working and I think having an account for sync between browsers is reasonable :) Thank you!

Would love to give it a shot if they can remove the need to sign up, or at least support OAuth with Google, Facebook, etc.


Seems like a good way to pick and manage colors in the browser.


Not a fan of creating a new account for something as simple as this. Plus, even if I do want to, sign up seems to be broken on the site.

Hey, How exactly is signup broken so we can fix it.
Just an update, all bugs have been fixed and signup is fully operational.
can't see the add to chrome link/btn