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I've been following these guys for along time - the founders are Australian (and so am I). They've build some unbelievable software but spreading the word has been hard it seems. Recommend the Product Hunt community gives this a try and has a fiddle, at the very least you'll spend an hour with some incredibly well coded software.
Thanks for having @Collusionapp at @ProductHunt A little more info about Collusion: It is a real-time cloud collaboration platform that emphasizes a freeform visual working style. It is intended to bring together both real time and asynchronous working styles. It is used for team work, which we are finding particularly useful in an an online / remote meetings setting. It will run on just about anything with a web browser - from smartphone to smart board and anything in between (ie Tablets and PCs). It sports pen and touch input, and is Zero Config - click a link and your in as a viewer, signup for a free beta account at to 'collude' yourself.