200+ Free online resources curated for college students

200+ Free Online Tools curated for College Students

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Hello there, with great delight I like to introduce you all to our latest product If you're a student and not sure how to reach that extra mile when in college, would be a great recommendation. We have curated 200+ awesome tools and all of them are FREE. Increase your productivity at every stage of student life from test preparation, finding the right college, scholarship, academic research, finding a job and more. We do not like to stop here, we will be collaborating with our users and will be curating more cool resources as the time goes along. Once again, we are delighted to welcome you all to check out and offer any valuable feedback. If you like the work, give us vote. Thanks all for you support, happy hunting.
@ram_rayavarapu you should add quottly to the stash. Awesome way to save time and money.
@gavid_dold Hi David I was excited looking at the value of Quottly. I see you're solving a great problem. We will certainly add it to one of our suitable categories. If you're the maker CONGRATULATIONS! Appreciate your support to and feel free to flow in your suggestions.
@ram_rayavarapu Not the creator, just a fan!
@gavid_dold Thanks again for your suggestion David, we loved it.
Perfect, just in time for college! Ready to try it out 🙌🏻
@3raxton Thanks Braxton. Hope help to reach that extra mile.
As Mr. Matt Damon said "today's not the day you switch from "receive" to "transmit." Once you do that, your education is over. And your education should never be over. " So nice I can keep learning and discovering new resources even though I already graduate. A thumb up for this!
@criss_cheng I loved that quote Criss. Glad you're enjoying collegestash and thankful for your support.
@smallbiznet35 Thanks Adrian, hope you enjoy it. Feel free to suggest any favorite resources related to college or education. We would love to add it to
Hello Hunters, we like to take a minute today to thank you all for upvoting us. This helped us validating our doubts on the value of the product we created. 100+ votes in less than 20 hours are overwhelming and more than what we expected. Thank you <3 And...we like to invite you all to suggest your favorite resources related to college or education. If it's a value adding product and not curated yet, we will add it to right away. You all have a rocking weekend :)