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Jason Shen
CEO, Midgame: voice sidekick for gamers
This is a fantastic resource for high students and exposes data like average salary after graduation and percentage of students who have paid off their student debt X years out. Great work by @ultrasaurus and @diegomayercantu (who should assigned as makers) Excerpt from a recent NYTimes article: But some more well-known institutions weren’t far behind. At Bennington College in Vermont, over 48 percent of former students were earning less than $25,000 per year. A quarter were earning less than $10,600 per year. At Bard College in Annandale-on-Hudson, the median annual earnings were only $35,700. Results at the University of New Mexico were almost exactly the same. The data reveals how much money students are borrowing in exchange for earnings after graduation. While U.C.L.A. and Penn State are both prestigious public research universities, recent U.C.L.A. grads leave with about 30 percent less debt, even as their predecessors are earning about 30 percent more money than counterparts at Penn State. Harvard students borrow barely a quarter of what Brandeis students take on, and earn nearly twice as much.
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Ellis NederProduct Designer
See also @ProPublica's recent work on Pell grants, student debt and how colleges support their poorest students financially: 'Debt by Degrees'
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Chris Messina
#1 Product Hunter! 🏆
This is a great resource and application of open data:
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Michael Sitver
I build things
It was a nice try by the administration, and the UX is great (particularly in terms of quantifying data). It's missing some important pieces of information though, such as how it counts students who go directly to grad school, and certain popular degrees (i.e Economics). Definately a solid first start though.
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Connor LeeFounder at
See for a more comprehensive search for k-12 schools and colleges.
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