Connecting start-ups with sales pros

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Probably shouldn't use squarespace
@harrystrick hey, why's that?
@collectivitiuk unprofessional
@harrystrick @collectivitiuk That seems like a silly characterization. The "secret sauce" in this model isn't tech. It's the network. When people spend way too much time designing/coding natively for MVP's where tech isn't a part of the secret sauce... or worse, delay launching it just because they can't find someone to design/code it and overlook tools to help them get it out in customers' hands sooner... that's the worst mistake they can make at this stage (IMO). Good luck with the launch!
Hey Hunters, I'm the founder at collectiviti and on the 22nd of this month I'm launching a platform that connects the best sales pros with the hottest tech start-ups (in the UK for now). The platform enables sales pros to directly engage with hiring decision-makers and start meaningful conversations from the very start. Whether they're actively looking for a new role or just want to forge strong connections in the start-up community for future moves. It's totally free for applicants, no BS no hidden fees! On the flip side, hiring sales talent is an expensive and time consuming exercise. Relying on others to find the right fit can be hit ’n miss. And don’t even get me started on recruitment fees — super expensive! Collectiviti is the place for start-ups to browse for and connect with the best sales talent in the industry for free. Only when connection requests are accepted by both sides, we’ll charge small referral fee. You can find out a little more at or drop me a few lines here! Cheers, ✌ Cristian
@crisnovp how do you define a successful connection?
@vu_nguyen when both sides accept the connection request and can start a meaningful conversation.
Shouldn't the best sales pros have more than enough inbound demand?
@datarade good point. Yet, there are a million and one recruitment agencies, headhunters, and search consultancies under the stars, which tells me that's simply not the case most of the time.
Nice to see a fellow 'Edinburger' on PH. Sounds like a good idea, best of luck!
@razvanilin nice to hear from you Razvan! Let me know if we can help each other out with anything! ✌️️
Interesting. A niche (salespeople) within a niche of Linkedin (hiring people). But I guess the niche is still big enough.