Collecting Words

(Very) short (visual) stories

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An unhappy client was in my office the other day. During our conversation, he saw this book sitting on my coffee table. The creativity and randomness of this book created a conversation that completely changed the mood in the room. This book is a game changer.
Davis Godbout
Davis Godbout@dmgodbout
This book is a fascinating dedication to a curious and always watchful observation of the world. Congrats for putting this together, I know that its been years in the making!
Kelly McCormick
Kelly McCormick@kelly_mccormick1
Don't like reading? No worries! Because this is a picture book. Hate pictures? No worries! Because this is a book of short stories. Fouhy has puzzle pieced together his photos of found words (graffiti, signs, etc.) into beautiful, quirky, and often funny little stories that make you fill in the blanks, both about the stories's fictional characters, and the real words and the people who originally created them. A very interesting concept, top notch execution, and the perfect piece for this Ritalin-dependent, social media obsessed culture we live in.