Collectie 1.5

Create moodboards to organize your content.

#5 Product of the DayMay 28, 2016

Your personal galaxy of inspiration

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Create moodboards for your projects, favorite items, documents.
Hi, I am Dmytro, developer of Collectie App. Our application let you organize your inspiration: you can add links, images, notes to moodboards. Set tags and find items when you need them. Database stored locally now, but we would introduce synchronization in next releases. Feel free to ask questions.
@furyz Any plans for a trial? Interested in giving it a shot and seeing if I can add this to my workflow.
@nick_richy_richardson We would add trial in next release - 1.1, it would be released soon ( < 2 weeks)
@furyz Awesome looking forward to checking out the software!
@furyz are the trial avaiable now?
Oooh i kinda love this. The ultra organised part of me is getting excited!
@sovremenius Looks great. I bought it, but cannot find a link to actually download this thing...
Interested in a Windows version but looks useful.