Drag and drop productivity.

Collage is a simple, yet powerful productivity tool. Type, use keyboard shortcuts, drag and drop things, collaborate in real time, and even add custom code. Documents are in HTML format, meaning that anyone with a web browser can open them. Oh, and it's free!
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I started Collage as a simple side project. All I wanted to do was to create a visual HTML document creator. Then, I realized that I could do more with it. I had been searching for a good writing tool with collaboration for a while, but I realized that building one might be able to work better. And here we are. Today, I'm launching Collage: the drag and drop productivity tool.
The purpose of what it's solving/helping isn't clear to me
@authentic It allows you to embed anything, lets you work with others in real-time (no logins), and respects your privacy (everything is stored in the browser).
@authentic Here's a screenshot of Collage embedded inside Collage: