Online notepad multiple people can work on

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SimonMaker@_simonbrown · Co-Founder, Ever & Ever
Hey Product Hunt! We made this as we found we were ending up with lots of throw away Google Docs. We wanted a quick way to get feedback on bits of copy without needing user accounts. I know there's been a number of these out recently - I think ours is the most basic. Which is hopefully the point :) We also whipped up a Slack Bot. It works by assigning each channel a Collabpad which can be accessed by /collabpad. We find this great for useful information or task lists attached to each channel. Hope you find it handy! Here's one for Producthunt to play with
Fırat Demirel
Fırat Demirel@firatdemirel · Senior Tech Writer, Startup Advisor
@_simonbrown thanks for sharing your product. As i writer and calligraphy lover, i think you should provide more fonts for better reading experience.
Dmitry Suholet
Dmitry Suholet@suholet · Product Manager, Yandex
@_simonbrown nice product :) How does it compare with similar services like Etherpad?
SimonMaker@_simonbrown · Co-Founder, Ever & Ever
@suholet We were aiming for the simplest flow to a new pad as possible i.e just going to gets you going. Other collaborative notepads just seemed a bit over complicated.
Dylan Buckley
Dylan Buckley@dylankbuckley · Founder @ HackerMetrics
Very nice. Would be cool if there was an "Email this to me" function. You should also let the Firebase team know about it as I know they like to promote cool things built on them :)
Barend@grooveplex · I follow back 💪
This is cool and I'm sure I'll use this more often. Thanks for making this, @_simonbrown!
Love the simplicity and totally get the "we were ending up with lots of throw away Google Docs" comment. Great job!
Chez Ackerman
Chez Ackerman@chezacke · Developer, Maker of things.
Very cool. One thing I just noticed. If I make something red or green in the pad, I can't change the style back to black. Am I missing something?
SimonMaker@_simonbrown · Co-Founder, Ever & Ever
@chezacke Ha wow how did we miss this. We'll add black a colour.
Stowe Boyd
Stowe Boyd@stoweboyd · futurist, researcher, imperfectionist
@_simonbrown and how do you make lists? Not an option on the style bar.