Collaborative Playlists

Create playlists from your favorite music sources.

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I just discovered it on Reddit and since I love listen to music when I work I instantly downloaded it. A very good product and a very good idea.
The idea is really cool, however the UI is so baffling. I liked that they used BandCamp as a source; It is really useful in finding indie bands. But again, collaborating on playlists and music discovery is not easy here. I could mostly create my own playlist.
@milad_zabihi hey Milad. Glad you like the idea! Could you give me any more information about why the UI is confusing to you?
@jakemmarsh When I saw the first thing after sign up was sharing a song which was confusing, is it a social music sharing platform or team collaboration for creating playlists. I almost spent 5 minutes until I found the search button. What I expect from this kind of platform is showing me all playlists in the home page, search and filter options to find a specific one and a Big create Playlist button, which let me instantly create one. Also having an option to just collaborate with some specific people on my playlist would be nice too.
@milad_zabihi Thanks, I appreciate the detailed feedback! I can definitely understand all of these pain points, so I'll start thinking about solutions. Just so you know, it is possible to collaborate with specific people on a single playlist. After creating the playlist, you can click "add collaborators" and search for users in the modal that pops up. Although the fact that you didn't find this tells me I need to make it more obvious!
Hi Jake. Cool product so far! I like that I can create playlists from the 3 services and I'm looking forward to others. Though, I think the collaboration aspect doesn't seem as intuitive and engaging. I'd be happy to send you some feedback, so let me know. Also, if you're interested in feedback from others, add a simple way for users to do that anywhere on your site. Here's a playlist I made:
@jayscottme hey Jay, thank you! Glad you like the idea and progress so far. I would love to hear any further feedback you have, it seems the collaboration is pretty misunderstood by most people right now. And I'll definitely look into adding a universal feedback module.
Brilliant intention. It would be great to give an option to turn off the video in case of YouTube sourced music. The video consumes pointless data. :)
@liberosist Thank you! Unfortunately, it's not possible to turn off the video for YouTube tracks. It's the only reliable (and legal) way to play tracks from YouTube, and hiding it wouldn't save any bandwidth (not to mention that it'd be against their ToS).