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Anybody tried it?
@narek_vardanyan yes. It's a great app. Functionality is smooth and easy to use. WIsh there were better companies to work with on there though. Overall love it.
@narek_vardanyan been using this for awhile. I've been able to collab with some top notch influencers that I would not have had access to otherwise. Excited to see v2.
We are launching Version 2.0 of Collabor8 this month. It has been completely redesigned and revamped from the ground up. You can expect a lot of great improvements and functionality. We'll be launching Android shortly after as well!
@Narek trying it now...
@Anthilemoon but this app has been around for a while. In 2016, we had the rapid growth of live apps. In 2017, we have a rapid growth of influencer marketing apps / networks. I've this installed for at least 6 months. But about a dozen Influencer marketing services has popped up this year alone. Thats the newest trend i've noticed as of late. any thoughts?
@brucekraftjr Just discovered it and realised it wasn't on PH yet - I like how they're applying dating apps tactics to an industry that very much feels like dating. Having had to work with lots of influencers in my previous job, I wish I had known there were other options beside the very expensive influencer agencies :)
@anthilemoon @brucekraftjr Thank you! We have some great updates in the works :)
I prefer rep. But I'm biased, as I created Rep www.repped.io