Helping doctors share visit notes with their patients

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Hello Product Hunters, I'm Floriano, proudly founder & CEO at Collabobeat. Thanks to @giuliano84 for introducing us here! We are currently applying our solution in a Pediatric Oncohematology Center of a 1000 bed teaching hospital. Our doctors know that sharing visit notes will be all about working smarter and not harder, our doctors know that sharing visit notes will empower their patients and in this case their parents. Help us bring to the market a new standard of care!
I am back, nice to see people interested in what we are doing! Tyler, you're definitely right, we are in Europe right now and want to build momentum here. We do believe there is plenty of room for that. In fact, there are about 500 Pediatric Cancer Centers we might serve here. However, with respect to the differences between US and EU doctors, we tend to have a different opinion. First of all, our service comes after reading the outcomes of a research founded by an US organization and carried out, among others, at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston. Secondly, we have an enterprise edition of Collabobeat, this comes as a plug-in fully integrated to the EMRs we may find in hospital settings, just to avoid what you Tyler mentioned. Matt but also Tyler on privacy concerns and HIPPA. Personal health data stored in hospital EMRs belong to patients, this is true both for US and Europe. HIPPA was put in place also to manage this aspect, nowadays very relevant due to the wide adoption of mobile devices. If we wanted to enter the US market, we would definitely need to outsource this HIPPA thing to companies fully devoted to that. True Vault by our friend @IIISwann is just one of them. Matt, regarding the authentication of the link between the patient account and their doctor's office. We have double opt-in procedures in place. Here in Europe everyone seems fine with it. Please, let me know if I missed some topic. Thanks again for your thoughts and the conversation started.
YES. OK, now on to the questions. Is this only in Europe right now then, and not the US? (The promo logos you have are for European orgs and pricing is in Euros.) I ask because the US is obviously a bit different than other countries in how doctors really can't/don't add new tools to their workflow; they need to/prefer staying in the EMR their hospital or clinic buys because they don't have much time to switch between software systems.
This looks really cool. I also wonder about laws like HIPPA in the U.S. One of the requirements of that particular law is that an individual's medical information must not be accessible to anyone else without explicit permission. For this reason, most EMR systems require social security numbers, and such before allowing access to data. Just curious as to what thoughts or considerations you may have made in regard to laws like HIPPA? How do you authenticate the link between a patient account and his or her doctor's office? (I don't think HIPPA necessarily helps anyone's privacy, but a law is a law...)
Just a quick interjection (I'd like to hear @ io_floriano's thoughts too): HIPAA (not HIPPA) is definitely geared towards privacy — HIPAA breaks down into two official sections: the Privacy Rule and the Security Rule. The P in HIPAA stands for Portability; the whole point of HIPAA is that it gives you as a person access to and control over your own medical information