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Kabir Shah — I make things |
Hi! I am the maker of Colicious, and made it for multiple reasons. I am well aware of the many color generation and color pallete services out there, but some, like, had a limited amount of colors. Others generated colors, but the UI wasn't the best. I hope you guys enjoy!
Ben Tossell — Community Lead, Product Hunt
@simplecooldude1 theres also Colovely which is similar :)
Sven van der Zee — Haven't found the next big thing yet
@bentossell @simplecooldude1 I like like them both
Kabir Shah — I make things |
@bentossell I will be sure to check that out!
Elliot Forde — Freelancer
I love the hidden message when you leave the tab for another.
Kabir Shah — I make things |
@madebyelliot Yeah, I thought that would be cool, so I implemented it! Nice catch!
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