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Proposal creation software can be really intense. Sometimes you need a simple approach with only a select few features that actually help you win the contract. Colibro Proposals is a no-frills approach at composing, sending, and approving proposals online.

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Hi PH 🐱, Today, we are excited to announce the release of another tool focused on helping out Small Businesses and Freelancers. Colibro Proposals is our take on the proposal creation tool. In true spirit with the Colibro mentality, it is dead simple to use and only includes the features which will actually help you land more deals. *Responsive web proposals which your clients can read on any device 📱 *Notifications immediately alert you when your clients perform key actions 🔥 *Let your clients approve your proposal online (with signature or button) 📝 *Easy to use text editor lets you focus on content and not formatting All of our platform’s existing users get the tool for free just for being a part of the family 🤗. We are also running a special promotion for all new accounts created before Nov 30. Let me know what you think!
@deyan Are you doing outbound for this product or other products like Invoices/Expenses etc ?
@deyan signed up, did not get the free deal with proposals to test. ;/
@lyondhur when you sign up you get a 30 day trial for all the tools. The special deal is that your trial for proposals is indefinite. It will still say $9 but you'll never be prompted to pay that.