Colibro Opportunities is a job aggregator that monitors dozens of job boards. It lets you filter them down based on the kind of work you do and sends you notifications when new openings are posted.

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Hey Everyone, We are a small outfit of Canadian🍁 freelancers, who strive to build software that improves our day-to-day workflow and which supports the freelance community. Many of the existing job boards focus on different kinds of workers (i.e. Remote, Full-time etc.), and we determined that there should also be one for freelancers. As a result, we created Opportunities! An app, that not only, aggregates a dozen job sites (with more to be added), but also lets you filter down by keywords and sends you notifications. We hope you find it as useful as we do, and that it saves you precious time searching for work.
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@deyan Thanks for hunting! Where do you find the opportunities and how frequently is the board updated?
@abadesi We are compiling a big list of job boards (which we are going to release soon) and we filter down on 'freelance' and 'contract' positions. We update daily via API and RSS feeds.
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