Smart color picker

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Hey guys, thanks for posting Coleure here. Pls share any feedback here as you see fit. :)
Invite code: _expired_ ;) Hurry up, won't last long.
Hey guys, registration is public now! Play with Coleure fully and share your feedback here. :)
Coleure is an amazing project. I was really lucky to get to know their first versions and gave some small feedback. The great thing is it keeps getting better and better. Great to have it here!
Hi Rolando, I am testing your cool color app to post a short review about it. I find it quite well done. My compliments. I had some issues figuring out how to see other color swaths in place of the yellow-orange one that appears as default, but thanks God I have finally figured it out. Whatever visual hint that could help retarted people like me to figure this out instantly would be very welcome.
@robingood Not retarded at all. It seems to be a very common issue. I'm looking into it. Thanks for the feedback!