Cold Turkey

Temporarily block unproductive sites while working

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Aksana Rudovich
  • Aksana Rudovich
    Aksana Rudovichresearcher / learning how to code

    Helps to overcome procrastination. The paid version also blocks apps (e.g. steam)


    there is a way to cheat the system

    A powerful tool for students and all those who have to do some boring stuff.

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Benjamin Hoffman
Benjamin Hoffman@benhoffman_ · Software Engineer
haha but if i install this i'll have to block @producthunt :(
Ziink A
Ziink A@ziinko
Great idea. There are a number of very popular Chrome extensions that do the same but they are designed to be easy enough to bypass. This one is hardcore and they've picked a very suitable name.
Everette Taylor
Everette Taylor@everette · CMO @Skurt || 4x Founder
Where was this while I was in college? =)
Cyrus Radfar
Cyrus Radfar@cyrusradfar · Early Stage Growth Advisor
I'd swear by RescueTime for this use-case. Their database already has a great list of sites pre-ranked by productivity.