Cold Email Subject Line Generator will generate the best subject lines with the highest open rates for the company you are pitching too. Make your recipients open your emails.
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Pretty disappointed with the tool - you should be showing at least several subject line options on the page so the users can get a taste of what you have to offer before giving away their contact details.
@elen_u Thank you for the feedback, we shall work on this. :)
@elen_u @sheksushant For me the "oh, they want my email first" was also a downer.
This is number 1 product of the day? A shady email subject line generator that requires your personal details before you can even try it out? Sad times. @rrhoover you might want to check your Algos. Even the positive comments look faked.
@rrhoover @mickc79 We are working on a version that lets you do exactly that. I think the Algos are working fine though :)
@rrhoover you really need to work on the algos if such a comment can downgrade a product like this. That simply means, people just need to tag you for some manual process to magically bring a product down. Also, about writing the comments were fake - Just because it looked that way to you? Nice.
@rrhoover @unnati_bagga Yes. That’s correct. As far as I’m aware people are still allowed to have opinions and voice them. I believe that’s what makes the free world great.
@rrhoover @unnati_bagga also... if you think the product was downgraded because a nobody like me made one comment then that’s really pretty silly.
Tried it. Canned subject lines is what I got. Unimpressed. Infact looks devious now!
@jeetensheth "Re: Our Discussion"?
our open rates have improved by 1% thanks for the tool. :)
@gaurav_subham Glad this could help you :)
Your tool is addictive :)