Cold Email Rating

Write your cold email, and get advices on how to improve it.

Cold Email Rating helps you write better cold emails by analyzing the content of your emails and giving you recommendations

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Hi Hunters, Here's a simple tool to evaluate if your cold email will generate replies. Once your cold email is long enough, you can submit it to get a detailed report with tips to improve it. Data come from analyzing reply rates from our customers and the following research paper : "Characterizing and Predicting Enterprise Email Reply Behavior" (Yang et al. 2017) Let me know what you think about it and how I could improve it :)
Smart leadgen @romainsimon ! Since you ask, maybe not forcing work-email but asking other details (position, company size,...) would probably better the give vs take ratio. Good luck on this though!
@renaudrossillon Thanks Renaud ! I though asking for a work-email was better than asking several infos. And actually, we can easily get position or company size from the work email :)
@romainsimon Makes sense. Since this is targeting non-decision makers I thought you'll generate a better ROI by collecting CRM or email provider. I get the approach tho. The question is: "Will reps find enough value in your "Cold Emailing Rating" to mention it to their managers?"
@romainsimon Looks like a great tool! However whatever validation you're using on the "business email" field is a little wonky. My email ends in a "" and it won't accept it as a valid email address - had to make one up which I think defeats the purpose of the form!
@rebeccalbe Hi Becca. Thanks for your feedback. The validation was indeed too restrictive... I fixed it so let me know if it works now :)
Looks neat. Any specific reason it doesn't allow gmail addresses (or free emails)?
@codyreichert Not really, this is the regular validation we're using in all our forms at Datananas to be sure to have professionals. This also allows us to get more infos on the company :)
Interesting idea (and great lead gen) Very unclear how to input the personalisation that is triggering - which is causing a lot of false negative for me
@travelgents Thanks! You can use variables by using either #{variable} or {{variable}} This is accounted for the personnalisation score
Love the idea, just one thing, it takes long to get the result?
@new_user_4901c90aee Hi Gina, thanks ! Actually not, you just have to enter your email and submit, and you'll see a personalized report which is shown instantly (that looks like the second screenshot)