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this is beautiful and useful.
Great job Persist on a beautiful tool! These templates however are all going to see pretty drastic stat decreases in a month or so. Don't forget to customize heavily (50% - 70%) and don't just copy/paste. Persist as a platform is a awesome way to do that at scale.
@getbrandflakes Good point. Whenever someone comes out with the best email templates, then others in the industry start to use then, rendering them less effective. I'd give it a little more than a month tho. And we'll be adding new templates as we find what works. We're always testing new things. Glad you found this useful!
@brandon_lee_09 @getbrandflakes I agree with more than a month. Hopefully, most people try to customize a bit, as well
Thanks @_jacksmith, this was actually built by @ryankulp. Ryan, want to explain how/why you came up with this for PersistIQ?
@caseypthomas @_jacksmith thanks guys. I'm a huge proponent of cold email, particularly because it helps companies grow *without permission.* From early stage to IPO, cold email done right is the summation of great marketing -- finding the right audience, and sharing with them the right message. So when cold email gets a bad reputation, it isn't because the channel is ineffective. It's because the campaign manager didn't email the right audience, or use the right message. PersistIQ's new Cold Email Generator seeks to solve the latter, with custom templates that have been proven successful by their customers and internal team.
@ryanckulp you did a killer job helping us with the Cold Email Generator. Stoked to see that it's being well received!
@ryanckulp isn't "custom template" an oxymoron?
@passingnotes Perhaps the better verb tense is "customizable templates." :)
@ryanckulp @caseypthomas @_jacksmith doesn't cold email get a bad reputation because it's done without permission?
These sound so stilted and impersonal, exactly the type of email that screams (imagine this in robot voice): I am just a salesman here....I'll spam you again and again and again....
@ghromis Some templates may seem "pushy" others may seem "salesy" while others may seem "soft." But the bottom line is they work, and you can't argue with results. That said, they've been tested across different industries and are targeted for different buyer persona, so you'll have to use some discretion when putting to use. Know your buyers. Also, when you fill in the variables, that's how you make if feel personal. That's mainly your job; this is just a tool to make the process quicker, easier and scalable.
I looked briefly and it seems like a bunch of really good templates for cold emails! I guess you tested what works and what doesn't work and you came up with this? Can you give us some background on how PersistIQ came up with those specifically? Cheers!
@jipiboily Hey @Brandon_Lee_09, wanna take a crack at this?
@ryanckulp Thanks. Hi @jipiboily, yes exactly. These are emails that we (the PersistIQ team and our friends and colleagues) have tested and proven to get results. Glad you found it useful!