Text less. Do more.

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Another engineer and I wanted to build a lot of these meet-up features into MessageMe...this is a great first MVP! Like this app a lot. Very intuitive, great on boarding...Well done, David!
It's like texting on steroids.
The thing the video should have got too SO much quicker is the fact your friends don't have to download this too for it to work. That is very cool.
But it's not available in the UK...
@alicelthwaite We are working on international support and you should see something within the next 2 months.
@alicelthwaite Here's a link to sign up for international support notification.
I was looking for something like this just a few days ago. Text functionality, at least on the iPhone, fits all of one scenario- 1 to 1 communication and sharing.
Do the outbound texts always come from the same number per user? IE can my friends add the number that Cola sends messages to as a new number to my contact in their list?
@dantolb Yes, the outbound texts always come the 415 number. That's the number your non-Cola friends would use to respond to you. If they have Cola, then they respond to you with your mobile number.